Family Game Jam

Resources and Links

Some resources for the Family Jam training sessions

If you didn't get a Scratch account at the sessions, you can sign up for one here

Read more about Scratch, the thinking behind it, and the international community using it here

Family Jam Handouts

  • Game Changer Challenge - Change and add to the code and images of this game to make it more exciting Click here
  • Make Mog Fly Click here
  • Disco Elmer Click here
  • Some Roles in Tech and Gaming Companies - Click here
  • Info on Salaries and routes into tech jobs - Click here
  • Info on Scottish digital careers and opportunities from SDS's Digital World site

CoderDojo Learning Path

CoderDojo Foundation have just brought out a new "learning pathway" for coders. There are Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels in both Scratch and Python programming. You can read about it here.
  • Coders can keep track of their progress using this table and some star stickers

  • Foundation Scratch
  • Intermediate Scratch
  • Advanced Scratch
  • Coding Unplugged

    • Robots can dance - Program your robot friends!Click here for the instructions.
    • Dance Party - A slightly different version where the dancers respond to events or signals (like a sign being held up) by doing a specific dance move Click here for the instructions.
    • Lego Maze Escape - Code your lego figure's escape from a dangerous lego maze Click here for the instructions. This has 4 levels of instructions going from very simple ones for younger children through to more complex commands that are the same as those in actual programming languages. This is an offline version of the Hour of Code Dance Party activity.

    Other useful Resources

    • Click here for a PDF copy of the slides with links to resources, people to help with volunteers, funding, etc.
    • Glasgow Code Learning - Glasgow Life's free, flexible digital and coding qualifications