STEM in Communities and Libraries

Resources and Links

Some resources from the STEM in Communities and Libraries training session on 27th Feb 2020.

STEM and Offline Coding Resources

  • Click here for a PDF copy of the slides with links to resources, people to help with volunteers, funding, etc.
  • The agenda for the day with links to resources used is here

Coding Unplugged

  • Robots can dance - Program your robot friends!Click here for the instructions.
  • Dance Party - A slightly different version where the dancers respond to events or signals (like a sign being held up) by doing a specific dance move Click here for the instructions. This is an unplugged version of the Hour of Code online Dance Party coding activity
  • Lego Maze Escape - Code your lego figure's escape from a dangerous lego maze Click here for the instructions. This has 4 levels of instructions going from very simple ones for younger children through to more complex commands that are the same as those in actual programming languages.