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Useful resources

This page contains some (hopefully!) useful links to information and resources for CoderDojo leaders and mentors.

Resources for learning Scratch

  • Sign up for a free Scratch account at:

  • Avoid young coders using their real name as a username. Try this username generator to give them ideas.

  • Code Club have lots of fun activities here: Code Club resources

  • Scratch has lots of tiny tutorials on various tasks if you're making your own game/story.

  • For more experienced coders, try some of CoderDojo Stirling's Scratch challenges.

  • Spot the bugs in these programs (more programs plus an explanation sheet coming soon!): Bugfinders Studio
  • CoderDojo Learning Path

    CoderDojo Foundation have just brought out a new "learning pathway" for coders. There are Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels in both Scratch and Python programming. You can read about it here.
  • Coders can keep track of their progress using this table

  • Foundation Scratch
  • Intermediate Scratch
  • Advanced Scratch
  • Books about Scratch

    These books, which cover Scratch 3.0, aren't currently available through the Glasgow Libraries catalogue, but the Scratch 2.0 versions are and it's not terribly different.

  • Computer Coding for Kids

  • Computer Coding Projects for Kids

  • Computer Coding Games for Kids

  • These books are available at your local community library (though you might have to request a book be delivered to your branch if it's not currently there).

  • Project Code: Create computer games with Scratch

  • Making Music from Scratch

  • I'm an Advanced Scratch Coder